About Us

Hey there! Care to know how we got started?

Well, my brother and I have been songwriters for years. I remember having multiple half-filled journals, trying out a bunch of different methods, and having random scraps of lyrics with nowhere to keep them.

In October 2019, my brother & I found ourselves searching for a journal made especially for songwriters. What we found was a standard wide-ruled notebook with music notes on the cover. We realized that we needed to do something, even if just for ourselves.

We started to think about our ideal journal, the problems it would solve for us, and how we envisioned ourselves using it. The Songwriter's Journal came to life. We knew right away that we needed to make it available to songwriters around the world who were just like us, struggling to find what worked for them.

Then came The Song Village. We realized there wasn't a brand developing products on our behalf, so we decided to fill the gap.

The Song Village exists to develop practical tools to encourage and support the creative expression of the songwriting community.